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    Some of what I see in the Spirit concerning the Sandy Hook tragedy today-

    The school is in the village of Sandy Hook.  Two notable residents in Sandy Hook are two authors.  One is a current resident named Suzanne Collins and the other is a former resident named Steven Kellogg.  Suzanne Collins is the author of the book series entitled The Hunger Games, which is a best selling series among children in our country. Steven Kellogg on the other hand is arguably the most notable children’s author in modern American history.  A few of his stories include Jack and the Beanstalk, The adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Johnny Appleseed, the Three…

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    Pastor Dustin Hawkins’ message from Place for Life on Sunday, December 09, 2012.

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    Dustin Hawkins

    It all started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for me.  Baton Rouge, what a place.  It’s got the best food in the world and the greatest sports team there ever was, LSU Tiger Football!

    I was born there into the legendary Hawkins family.  I thank God for my heritage.  If you go to Baker or Zachary today and ask about the Hawkins family, I promise you’ll hear some stories.  God’s been good to me though, he’s brought me out of quite a bit.  If I were still there, no telling what kind of trouble I would be in, Thank God for his grace.

    My father, Rick Hawkins, is a great man.  He’s my hero and there’s none like him.  He raised me to be tough, loving, courageous and above all else, to love God and do everything I can to serve Him and know Him better.  Through my life I’ve seen my father be the greatest example of all of those traits.  He took us to Tulsa, OK where he served and worked for Bishop Carlton Pearson for a time and then to San Antonio where he was an associate pastor, then on the road where we lived out of a pick-up truck, then back to San Antonio to birth Family Praise Center, which is now Place for Life, the great church family I have the privilege of now pastoring.  Through it all, I’ve watched him fight through adversity, make hard decisions, love and help people, and above all follow hard after the heart of God.  Those experiences and that example is what have formed me into the man I am today.  I’m not perfect, but I promise I’m doing pretty good. 

    My mother, Robin, is quite a lady.  Ask any one, she’s the epitome of eloquence and beauty.  I love my mother very much.

    Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to be close to some highly influential people.  Bishop Pearson has to be on the top of that list.  From the time I was a baby boy to this day he’s a very important figure in my life and I love him dearly.  There’s Pastor Gary Oliver, who is like a second father to me. Not to mention all the great preachers and public figures that have given me personal access into their lives and I highly regard each one. 

    Today, the joy of my life is my beautiful daughter, Damara Amore.  She lights up my life with her perfect smile and intelligent wit.  Where would I be without my baby girl?!

    My story, like yours, is a unique journey whose story is still being written.  I hope to in some way inspire you with not only my life, but the through the revelation and insight that God sees fit to grace me with.

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    We are in the process of building our on-line Products & Resources section. Very soon you will be able to download messages, order message series, books, music, and more. My prayer is to provide all that I can to help equip, enrich, and empower you for your purpose and all that God has for you here in this life.

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      Place for Life is the church family I am privileged to Pastor in San Antonio, TX.

    • Bishop Rick Hawkins

      I encourage you to visit my father’s website.  You will find extremely insightful and uplifting blogs, great videos, resources and much more.

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